Good Times Cafe

Class: Performative Surfaces Directed Study
Collaboraters: Joe Mollen and Alex Robinson
Instructor: Marc Swackhammer

In order to successfully acoustically re-mediate and program a space, there is sometimes a need for variable forms to be introduced. This project centers on the re-design of of an informal gathering and pinup space at the UBC School of Architecture. Modular freestanding and applied surface strategies were proposed and evaluated based on aesthetics, flexibility of use and acoustic performance.

Metal stamping is an efficient way of forming rigid shapes for façade treatments. However, it is less efficient when you need to make multiple forms, because it requires the use of multiple molds. It can be expensive as well if you have multiple forms to stamp; molds are the expensive part of the forming process, and the price only evens out when you are using one mold for many forms.

A taxonomy of parts was developed and applied to the flat surfaces of the space which were treated with an absorptive felt layer.  These parts all relate back to a consistent flat datum that allows for an infinite number of pinup configurations.