Nested Scales

Class: Architecture as Catalyst
Collaborators: Sangyong Hahn, Aaron Regla-Breton, Kyle Snyder, Samaneh Vahaji
Instructors: Adam Marcus, Ken Tracy

This workshop proposes an approach to architecture predicated on the notion of nested scales of form, assembly, and texture. Students designed and prototyped a porous architectural surface conceived at three scales: the scale of overall building form, the scale of the building components, and the scale of the surface textures. The prototypes were fabricated from both planar frame elements and surface-milled components produced using the Digifablab's CNC router. Pattern, porosity, texture, and other attributes were tested and controlled using parametric design software. Students constructed both scale models of their proposed systems and 1:1 prototypes milled from solid hardwood. The workshop prioritized intensive use of the CNC router and developing methods of using the machine to produce unexpected material effects.

Text by Adam Marcus